10 Must-Visit Waterfalls in Iceland: A Natural Wonder


11/5/20235 min read

Iceland is a land of breathtaking natural beauty, and one of its most iconic features is its abundance of stunning waterfalls. From powerful cascades plunging into deep canyons to delicate streams trickling down moss-covered rocks, Iceland's waterfalls offer a mesmerizing display of nature's power and grace. In this article, we will explore 10 must-visit waterfalls in Iceland, providing descriptions, details, locations, and tips on how to get there.

waterfalls on green grass covered mountain during daytime
waterfalls on green grass covered mountain during daytime


Skógafoss is another must-visit waterfall in Iceland, located along the south coast. With a width of 25 meters and a drop of 60 meters, it is an impressive sight to behold. The sheer power of Skógafoss creates a constant spray of mist, often resulting in beautiful rainbows on sunny days.

You can easily access Skógafoss by driving along the Ring Road (Route 1). There is a parking lot near the waterfall, and a staircase allows visitors to climb to the top for a panoramic view of the surrounding area.


Gullfoss, also known as the 'Golden Falls,' is one of Iceland's most famous and visited waterfalls. Located in the southwest part of the country, it is a two-tiered waterfall that drops into a rugged canyon. The sheer power and beauty of Gullfoss are awe-inspiring, and it is no wonder that it has become an iconic symbol of Iceland's natural wonders.

To get to Gullfoss, you can drive from Reykjavik along the famous Golden Circle route. The waterfall is easily accessible, with well-maintained paths and viewing platforms that offer stunning vistas of the falls and surrounding landscape.


Seljalandsfoss is a unique waterfall located in the south of Iceland. What sets it apart from other waterfalls is the opportunity to walk behind the cascading water curtain. This magical experience allows visitors to view the world from a different perspective and capture stunning photographs.

To reach Seljalandsfoss, you can drive along the Ring Road (Route 1) and follow the signs. It is approximately a 2-hour drive from Reykjavik. Make sure to bring waterproof clothing as you might get wet from the waterfall's mist.

Goðafoss, or the 'Waterfall of the Gods,' is located in northern Iceland. Legend has it that in the year 1000, a local chieftain threw his statues of the Norse gods into the waterfall, symbolizing the country's conversion to Christianity. Today, Goðafoss stands as a testament to this historical event.

You can easily reach Goðafoss by driving along the Ring Road (Route 1). There is a parking lot near the waterfall, and a short walk will lead you to the viewing area.


The waterfall is nestled amidst a picturesque valley, surrounded by towering mountains and lush greenery. Its cascading waters create a mesmerizing spectacle, as they flow gracefully down the rocky cliffs, creating a symphony of sound and sight.

To get to Stjornarfoss waterfall, use Route 1, then take a right turn onto Route 36. Continue on Route 36 for about 20 kilometers until you reach a junction with a sign directing you towards Stjornarfoss. Take a left turn at the junction and follow the road for another 10 kilometers. You will then arrive at the parking lot for Stjornarfoss waterfall. Park your car and take a short hike along the marked trail to reach the waterfall.


top view of waterfall on mountain
top view of waterfall on mountain

Háifoss is one of Iceland's tallest waterfalls, standing at an impressive height of 122 meters. Located in the south of the country, it is surrounded by dramatic cliffs and offers breathtaking views. Háifoss is a hidden gem, often overlooked by tourists.

To reach Háifoss, you will need to drive on a gravel road and hike for approximately 2 kilometers. The journey may be challenging, but the reward is well worth it.


Kirkjufellsfoss is a picturesque waterfall located near the iconic Kirkjufell mountain on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. The combination of the waterfall and the mountain creates a stunning landscape that has been featured in many photographs and films.

You can easily access Kirkjufellsfoss by driving along Route 54. There is a parking lot near the waterfall, and a short walk will lead you to the viewing area.

photo of waterfalls beside hill during cloudy daytime
photo of waterfalls beside hill during cloudy daytime


Hraunfossar, also known as the Lava Falls, is a unique natural wonder located in Iceland. Situated in the western part of the country, Hraunfossar is a series of waterfalls that flow from beneath a lava field, resulting in a mesmerizing sight. The crystal-clear water cascades down the black lava rocks, creating a stunning contrast that captivates visitors.

To reach this enchanting destination, you need to travel to the Borgarfjörður region and follow the signs to Hraunfossar. Along the way, one can learn about the historical significance of this site. In the early 10th century, a volcanic eruption occurred in the area, leaving behind a vast lava field


a small waterfall in the middle of a rocky area
a small waterfall in the middle of a rocky area

Dynjandi, also known as Fjallfoss, is a series of waterfalls located in the Westfjords region of Iceland. The main waterfall, Dynjandi, is the largest and most impressive of the series. It cascades down the mountainside, creating a stunning display of natural beauty.

To visit Dynjandi, you will need to drive on a gravel road and hike for a short distance. The journey may be remote, but the solitude and beauty of Dynjandi make it a must-see destination.


a waterfall over rocks
a waterfall over rocks

Svartifoss, or the 'Black Falls,' is located in Vatnajökull National Park in southeastern Iceland. What makes Svartifoss unique is its basalt column backdrop, which gives it a distinctive and otherworldly appearance.

To reach Svartifoss, you will need to hike for approximately 1.5 kilometers. The trail is well-marked and offers stunning views of the surrounding area.


Iceland's waterfalls are a testament to the country's natural beauty and power. From the iconic Gullfoss to the hidden gem Háifoss, each waterfall offers a unique experience and a chance to connect with nature. Whether you are a nature lover, a photographer, or simply seeking awe-inspiring sights, visiting these 10 must-visit waterfalls in Iceland should be on your bucket list.