5 Must Have Apps for Iceland

Are you planning a trip to Iceland soon ? Then you need these 5 apps to make your life easier.


9/28/20232 min read


This app is essential if you plan on traveling to Iceland. It's the best way to drive around the island safely as it deals with road conditions. On this app, you will find a map of the country with its different roads, along with a color-coded system to let you know which path is safe and which one is not. You will also be alerted in case of bad weather, strong wind or heavy rain and snow.

When traveling, it is crucial to have the right apps on your phone to enhance your experience and greatly simplify your adventure while making sure you're as safe as possible. These apps can serve various purposes, such as navigation, translation, booking accommodations, and finding local attractions or restaurants and more.


In Iceland, you will find many parking that aren't free. Don't worry, they are not expensive and are usually near beautiful sights and viewpoints. Parka is often the website you will need to use to pay, which is why I recommend you download the app. Your vehicle will already be registered and so can your credit cart to make it faster. All you'll have to do is scan a QR code.


Are you a camper ? If so, this app is made for you ! It's a good way to find campings around you or on your way. You also have the possibility to look for utilities such as laundry, faucet, parkings, areas to empty your toilets if you have a big camper or fill it with water. You can also find reviews about the different sites, it's really useful. This app works best if you plan on staying around Reykjavik.


Hello Aurora is all about Northern lights, it provides real-time information about the best viewing locations and weather conditions for optimal visibility. You can also share pictures of what you saw where and when and you can see others' people experience with northern lights.


This one is probably the most famous one out of the fives. All Trails is not just specific to Iceland, it's actually very useful in many countries but if you're going to Iceland and you are planning on hiking then you should definitely download it ! This is the perfect hiking app, you'll find many informations about the path, the length, the level required and it is also a navigation app.